Wow, you don’t have an accent!

20141202_003604000_iOSAngelina A.,
Allentown, PA.

I myself always get asked about questions about my racial and ethnic background and it never has bothered me. I usually always say I am half Dominican and half Chilean, then I go on to explaining that my dad is from Chile and my mom is from The Dominican Republic. Although I was born in New Jersey, I do not identify myself as being an American even though I know I am. This may be because my Hispanic culture is deeply rooted within my family and household, Spanish is my first language and I did not learn English until I went to school. Now it does bother me when people are amazed by that and say that I don’t have an accent or that I speak well. As if just because I spoke Spanish first they would EXPECT me to have an accent or not speak English correctly. That to me is actually insulting.


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