I am not a racist. But I feel the world (politicians and social activists) are turning me into one. I am so fed up with the race card on every corner. You can’t have a normal discussion anymore. And DON’T gets me started on “reverse racism” It’s all so wrong. The world has gone completely mad. Instead of activists and politicians and lawmakers focusing on WHO LET THAT IDIOT COP train new cops and continue to work after 17 serious complaints about excessive use of force – who let him continue to work???!?!? FIRE THEM. and the whole chain of them. Make real changes. I am white and have been mistreated very badly by cops for regular “neighbourly noise” issues. They are trained to be morons sometimes it seems to me. So, is this a race issue when I too have had many bad experiences as HAVE OTHERS. NO. NOT EVERYTHING IS A RACE ISSUE. We don’t even know if those 17 complaints were from white people. Where are the real journalists reporting on facts? Some people do really shitty work in the workplace. And when the manager tries to manage their performance, they pull the race card “Oh, I’m brown so you don’t like me?” It’s really irritating to me and everyone I’ve spoken to.
LISTEN UP WORLD, NO ONE CARES. MOST PEOPLE DON’T GIVE A SH** WHAT YOUR SKIN COLOUR IS. WE ONLY CARE ABOUT GOOD PEOPLE AND BAD PEOPLE. THEY COME IN ALL SHAPES SIZES AND COLOURS. RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS WILL TOO. Stay away from the social media bullshit frenzy that everyone has hopped on. It’s just not true. Most people ARE NOT RACISTS. Deal specifically with the ones who are. And that my friends, goes both ways.


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