Yellow: Neither White Nor Black Enough

Photo-64Yuri Yamamoto,
Raleigh, NC.

I am a Japanese immigrant. I sometimes feel lost in this society where race is all about black and white. I often feel that I am neither white nor black enough to contribute significantly to a diversity conversation, most of which seems to be about reconciliation and healing from the slavery. While growing up in Japan, I learned that we were yellow. I don’t understand why there is no yellow mentioned in this country even though there are histories of East Asian immigrants in the U.S. Also, it is frustrating that being an Asian does not seem to count as “minority” when it comes to higher education and jobs even though we are racial minority.
On another topic, while I would like my racial identity to be acknowledged and embraced, I would not like to be boxed into stereotypes. “I’m Japanese and I’m not Japanese”


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