Yes, I was born in Detroit.

amanda21Amanda Nelski,
Los Angeles, CA.

People like to put other people in boxes. “Where are you really from?” they ask. I used to answer Detroit. When they asked where my parents are from, Detroit was not suitable either. “You don’t look like you’re from Detroit.” After some banter I would eventually confess my lineage is Ukrainian and Swedish and most of the time people were satisfied. It’s something about my bone structure and coloring that throws people off. When asked if I speak Russian I say no and the response is confusion. My great grandfather came here to start new and escape the Ukraine, yet because of they way his descendants look, we still aren’t always accepted as Americans. The idea of home and where we come from is very complicated. My roots are Detroit, my lineage is Ukraine and Swedish but ‘where I am from’ is complicated. ‘Where are you from’ is the same thing to me as ‘where is your home?’ My friend Lisa says ‘home is where the cat is’. My home is Los Angeles and now when people ask where I am from, I say Los Angeles. It is my home and the place of residence of my cat, for the time being.


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