You cannot judge on race alone

Amanda Bergeron,
Coatesville, PA

Where you come from is important, but people are defined by what is on the inside. I think in the past people have assumed that just because I am a white American that I have no knowledge of my own heritages or any others for that matter. I try to learn more about my own ancestors from France and Germany as well as learn their native languages. I also spend a lot of time learning about other cultures and languages. This is why I decided to spend a summer in Spain abroad to become more open minded to other cultures and ways of life. I also was able to practice Spanish extensively and see how they live in another country. I don’t judge others based off their race and always try to learn more about other cultures. I love to help others feel included and valued and thats why I choose the six words, you cannot judge on race alone. If you were to judge someone without getting to know the inside you may miss out on an awesome person you didn’t know you needed. 


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