You Can’t be of Mexican Descent!

dayfaceDamian Solorzano,
Sacramento, CA.

Don’t let my skin tone, size and acculturation fool you. Like the Author of the above piece, I check “Hispanic” on the appropriate boxes. Mom was born in Dinamita, Durango, Mexico, Dad in Earlimart, California. Grandparents? Well, my Maternal Grandmother was born in Corcoran, California, Paternal Grandmother in Brownsville, Texas. Grandfathers were born in Mexico, I forget the cities, currently.
Growing up, the house was filled with Javier Solis, Vicente Fernandez, Leonard Bernstein, Chicago, Brubeck.
Books were everywhere. We were raised as Californians, I identify as a Californian, which seems fitting, because I live in one of the most Racially and Culturally diverse areas in the U.S. .


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