You don’t really look that black.

barbie-girlLinda D. Calvin,
Westfield, IN.

I am one of five siblings, but I am the only one who is black. My brothers and sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, great nieces, uncles and aunts are white. After three children and a divorce, my mother met and married a black man in the 60s and had me. I grew up in a white neighborhood and went to a white school. It was weird growing up in a family who had prejudices against black people. And it was weird to have black people hate me because I was too white, and white people hate me because I was black. Something else I will offer: I got my first black barbie doll about 10 years ago. My mother-n-law bought me one for Christmas. I saw beautiful black barbie dolls in Walmart one day and got really choked up, right there in the aisle. She remembered that story and bought me a barbie! I love her.


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