You don’t want truth? Too bad.

Sammy Miller,
New Orleans, LA

It’s interesting that people say they want equality. What they really want is to demean. I hear people say that white people are so used to being white that they can’t stand advancement of another race.

We hear all the hurtful mocking of whites.
They can’t dance
They have no taste in music.
They are Karens
They think they are better.
They are trying to “be black”
They are stealing our culture.
They are trying to take over BLM.
On and on.

They say now whites know how it feels.

We have all been mocked, ridiculed, and hurt.
We were taught that kids matter what someone does to you, you don’t take it out on others. This doesn’t seem to apply to whites anymore. Society makes it ok to tell whites they aren’t wanted. That they shouldn’t lift their voices because they don’t know what it is like to be darker skinned. The ignorance of that is staggering.

The hate and vitriol directed at whites because of something someone else did is as irrational as being scared of black men for being black. It’s as useless as believing all black women are baby machines with 7 different dads.
Because you are angry and hurt you want to punish all whites and give them a taste of their own medicine.
While you point fingers at whites for their privilege ask yourself what it would be like to be subjected to the same scrutiny. You say you are invisible. Imagine everything you say and do being dissected, ready to be pounced on as racist or hateful. If a white woman ignores a black man who approaches her in the store then she is a supremacist! not simply disinterested. She is subject to constant scrutiny constant evaluation. You can forget complaining about a completely disruptive employee who happens to not be white because that results in instantly being ostracized.

I hear the seething “well white people deserve it!” But do they?

If dark skinned women yell, act rude, or even brawl in public, it’s accepted as “their culture”. It seems a lot like a “Karen” to think you can do whatever you want and that the rules shouldn’t apply to you.

No one bats an eye at black people promoting the exclusive patronage of black owned businesses. They do it out in the open. Promoting their own brand of supremacy.

Regarding reparations. I’m curious why people are not out demanding reimbursement from families of offenders for lives that have been taken by murder. Is it unfair to hold parent accountable for the actions of their children? If an entire race bears the responsibility for their ancestors or the ancestors of people that look like them, then why can victims of crime not seek reparations from the parents and grandparents of the offender? They are directly responsible for how that person behaves. Parents have a direct influence on how their children develop and interact with society.

Why are women looked down upon for accepting money as reparations for rape when that is exactly what thousands of black people Say they deserve deserve for something that happened to their ancestors.

If a woman Is a greedy B for taking money to make her life easier then what should she accept for a physical and mental violation? An apology? A jail sentence? The fact that it is illegal?

True equality comes from melding of cultures. Are you ready to accept that?


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