Young Hispanic male, possible gang member

Jonathan Pineda,
San Francisco, CA.

I’ve been living in the Mission District all of my life, due to the gentrification going on and many natives being pushed out and tech workers moving in, police presence has increased dramatically. Also due to the gang injunction which has done nothing except give police officers an excuse to stop hispanic youth and be able to search them just for the reasonable suspicion of being a gang member. I myself have been a victim of this racial profiling three times, the most recent one was the worst. I was walking home after getting out of work and an undercover officer pulled up next to me and started asking me questions about what I was doing in the neighborhood, where was i going, and if I had any warrants. I was then proceeded to be searched to see if i had weapons and while they ran up my name to make sure I didn’t have warrants. In the end they let me go after 15 of me being stopped just for walking home.


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