Your agenda doesn’t trump mine, Stop!

Native of San Diego,
San Diego, CA

Yes I was born having blond hair and blue eyes, yes I was born here in America. That’s where it stops. My family was poor and we Never had things handed to us. We literally had a field in our backyard where
we grew our own food and raised our animals, and yes we ate the animals we raised for food. Absolutely Nothing was easy! I’m sick to death about people attacking my white heritage. Me and my children who are white also have been treated like heathens just due to skin, and being strait. It’s gone so far in the opposite direction it’s abuse to them and me. If I say be proud of who you are and do your best, I’m a terrible person and must be racist. No I’m not and neither are they. I shouldn’t have to constantly defend myself for being who I AM. A white person in America with conservative values. Stop attacking me and my family line out of blind racist ignorant mob mentality acts of hatred. You treat me and mine like I did you wrong personally. Stop slinging your nasty hatred all over everyone just because they’re white and straight! Back off with all that “pride” like only your cause matters, we all have pride in who we are and want our children to have a sense of pride as well. I do not apologize for who I am or where I came from. We owned no one, we killed no one in wars in our direct family line. So STOP Being Racist to us. Stop trying to diminish our existence! We have the right to freedom of speech also and I say I am glad I am white and straight. Stop telling me I’m wrong for being who I AM!


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