Your perception is your faulty knowledge

Jiale Chen,

For centuries humans have constructed systematically around the false perception of purity that is connected to color. The whiter the people are the more superior they are. The added characteristics of features if appearance add to the racial identity but also to racial discrimination. The idea of the current generation being most non-racial is built of falsehood that the earlier perception and idea of discriminating and building an identity on appearance has dissolved. What we fail to address is the fact that the current generation tries to ignore or fails to address the problems of racial discrimination that is more evident especially in the recent times. The shootings in America and other places across the world are proof of how this ideology is still dominant but is not addressed enough. George Floyd’s death was a trigger for the much abandoned social problem that is most prevalent in the Western world quietly cushioned under the falsehood of progressiveness. Being of a racial identity different from the whites myself, there are many situations I have been made to feel inferior or looked upon as a person of lower esteem. What the world needs to realise is that racial identity is linked to the geography and the biological needs of humans to survive in that environment. This is achieved through acclimation, genetic adaptability and biological plasticity.


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