Your Scars become your Powerful Testimony

Gloria Stafford.

I was underappreciated during phases of my professional career. How dare I be black and a woman!! I have witnessed others being invited to sit at the table with no experience, lack of moral character, lack of humanity and integrity. All because they fit the ‘profile’ (white male, white female) of what was thought to be “right” and “easy”. I took my hits along the way, wanted to give up, and quit a few times but I continued to stand and persevere. I had to work through the foolishness, then let my moral character and ability to succeed speak for who I am. Yes, I had to work ten times harder and did not have much support from prior leaders so I was on a mission to become the leader I always wanted. I earned my seat at the table. So here I stand: a Strong Black woman, a Strong People Leader who is battle tested and scarred. My scars tell my story.


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