You’re the African American of Indians.

Nikolette Joseph
Union City, CA

People always ask me what is my ethnicity. I respond saying Fijian and they look at me like what the heck is that. I explain to them that its an small island next to Hawaii. ”Ohhh okay” as they say. The Fiji water , that’s where you come from? So “you’re the African American of Indians? Yes I say the “Fiji water” is where I come from. I am not the African American of Indians. I’m Fijian if you don’t know what that is then call me Pacific Islander . They said they always thought I was Indian and Black. I didn’t like being called Indian or Black because that wasn’t who I am. I don’t mind being called Pacific Islander. Fijian is not a known ethnicity but being called ” the African American of Indians” is something I get offended by.


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