You’re Dominican? But you’re Black, really.

Oxford, CT.

This phrase is often said to me by African Americans and other (usually darker) people from the Caribbean who insist that though I am Dominican/Latina, I am Black in the United States because of its racial history and current xenophobic climate. It’s nullifying in so many respects, and usually leads me to lose respect for the person, who is doing to me–classifying, categorizing, boxing-in–what Whites have done to “others” for centuries.

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2 Responses to "You’re Dominican? But you’re Black, really."
  1. Reef215 says:

    Its funny…..when speaking to people of DR diaspora…. whenever someone says “You have Indian” or “Aren’t you Taino” or aren’t you “Spanish/European” …Dominicans cant seem to stop talking about that. But mention black and its “classifying, categorizing, boxing-in”

    LOL Carry on

    • I'm Dominican, I'm Not White says:

      Its funny bcs actually Dominicans dont care about it, in fact the vast majority Dominican dont know how to talk about race.

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