Where are you from? You’re exotic!

IMG_9300Abbie Elliott
Leesburg, VA

For my entire adult life, dating has been a challenge. As an Asian-American, I vehemently resisted falling into stereotypes. But, as an Asian-American on the dating scene, my looks delivered my first impression for me. Men developed ideas about me even before I spoke. Where they expected to find a quiet, submissive and conservative woman, they found a loud, liberal feminist.

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One Response to "Where are you from? You’re exotic!"
  1. Rico Carlos says:

    I understand that you have avoided having to deal with those [usually white men, but not all or exclusively, of course] that hold onto the stereotype about Asian women being quiet and submissive. But have you yourself managed to not fall into the stereotype a lot of Asian people tend to have towards men of darker complexion?

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