You’re from? Hmm your pretty tall.

Spring, TX

In many occasions I am asked, where I am from. This question could be asked in many ways, either with good intent or bad intent. It usually goes this way, “Hey you look like you’re from the middle east, are you?” I usually respond with, “no, I am actually from Mexico.” Then they follow with a side comment, “you’re from there? hmm you’re pretty tall.” This is something i get often and it implies that all Mexicans are short which is not true. The conversation continues. If the conversation is respectful we talk about how I now live in Spring Texas, if it is not one of us just walks away. I have noticed that when a person who is actually from the middle east asked me this question, it usually comes off with love and respect, in a manner that they want me to say yes so the atmosphere can be so welcoming. Even when they find out i am not from the middle east, they respect me. Now when a caucasian asks me, I can tell it is out of curiosity of course however sometimes i feel the way it is asked sometimes comes off with an offensive tone.


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