You’re just as racist as them

Kelsey Milinkovich,
Akron, OH.

People always say I am just ass racist as “everyone else”. They think that I won’t have friends of another race as I and that I will not associate myself with them. One of my best friends just happens to be of another race as I. I don’t judge people based off of that. That isn’t who they are. They aren’t another species, we are all human. I grew up in an area where there is just a lot of white people. But I have always seemed to makes friends with the people of other races and they just happen to turn out to be my closest friends. There isn’t any differences between “us” and “them”, we just have a different skin color. They aren’t “evil” and anything that I have said with a racial tone, is all in joking matters with them and we always laugh. Race doesn’t determine who you can be friends with.


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