“You’re like… WHITE white”

McKenna Chitwood,
Riverside, CA

The lack of color in my skin does not define me, and the inability to get a nice tan does not give anyone the right to make fun of me. For years and years people have made me feel uncomfortable in my skin, they’ve made fun of how pale I am. I have worked and educated myself so that I can understand the beauty in all people. (Eventually) that love for others made me see the beauty in even the palest skin, my own. I believe in a place where no matter the color of your skin, you’re seen as beautiful. My (literal) whiteness is something I cannot change. My (political) whiteness has taught me that I need to love and support the beauty in every person– equally. I pray that one day everyone would see everyone for who they are and not for the color of their skin. No matter how much melanin one’s skin has.
(CBU HIS-311)


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