You’re more European than I am!

Ronald A. Crutcher,
Cincinnati, OH

This was a statement made to me by a German man here in the United States, as he queried me about why I decided to leave Germany after having lived there for almost five years. I speak fluent German and really enjoyed my life in Germany. When he asked why I had left, I told him it was because I am African American. I really wanted to have a family, and I was concerned about having to translate my Kentucky family’s social folkways to my children. My mother’s family has had a family reunion for more than 100 years, and I also wanted my children to grow up interacting with their family on a regular basis. My German friend could not understand my reasoning and got really angry with me. Finally, he yelled at me: “That’s BS, you’re more European than I am!.”

#URTRCP #TheRaceCardProject


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