You’re not like other Asian people!

Julie Phan,
San Jose, CA.

Hey, what are you?
Uh, I’m Asian…?
Really? You don’t look Asian. You’re tan, and chill, and not like other Asians. And you’re kinda ghetto. Honestly, you look Mexican or mixed.

1. My skin color does NOT identify my race, nor does it identify anybody else’s race/ethnicity.
2. Is not “looking like an Asian” supposed to be good or bad? What does that even mean?
3. Not all Asians are stereotypical and stay in their rooms and study. Asian-American teenagers are just like any other teenager. We all have hobbies and do activities that we enjoy. We’re not robots that do homework.
4. Ghetto is not a term to describe people. A ghetto is a neighborhood that was made to segregate different races.

Think and be conscious before you make a remark about someone’s skin color or applying negative comments to one’s race, ethnicity, and culture.


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