You’re pretty for a Black girl.

me1Maya Segirah,
Los Angeles, CA.

As if the qualifier, somehow, makes me different from the rest, which are by implication inferior, and therefore I’m better? I should be pleased with this? What makes people think THIS is a compliment? And why are they invariably annoyed when I point out that this is not a compliment?

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One Response to "You’re pretty for a Black girl."
  1. Alyson Levy says:

    Wow, people are so stupid. Literally stupid.

    Anyway, I don’t know the context of the conversation but I have thoughts guys were “cute for Asian guy” or “hot for an older guy” meaning that is not usually the physical appearance that I, personally, am attracted to. I can say with honesty that I have 000 feelings of superiority or that Asian or old is not as good.

    I’d like to give the person the benefit of the doubt, sadly most likely though, they’re dumb and an asshole.

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