You’re pretty for a DARK SKIN GIRL

Alexandria James-Hayes,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

I have lived in the suburbs my whole life and I grew up around mostly white people. My parents are divorced, my father lives in Alabama and I live with my mother and stepfather. When I use to visit Alabama my fathers family would always say “you talk like a white girl.” Just because I actually pronounced my words and wasn’t ignorant, I am supposedly a “white girl.” I have been picked on by other black people before because I didn’t wear the type of clothes they wore or spoke the way they spoke. I wasn’t considered black but it never upset me. One thing that really made me angry was the “your pretty for a dark skin girl.” What does that mean?! I am sure I am not the only dark skin girl who has been told that before because they have complained about it to me. I take it as dark skin black women aren’t supposed to be attractive and only light skin black women or other races are better. I wonder am I supposed to take it as a compliment? It especially hurts hearing it from a black man! Some people should apply the “think before you speak” method.


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