You’re such a white girl

Madison Schweizer,
Murrieta, CA.

Lately, more and more people have been making comments about me and my friends being “white girls”. We walked into our bible study to a bunch of girls who spoke Spanish and immediately felt like the minority. We felt even more like the minority when one of the girls said that we are such white girls. Although there is nothing wrong with this statement, it bothers me because of the way that people say it. Often, those who are white are looked at as those who are privileged and don’t have to work hard in order to get somewhere. I hate this stereotype because that is not at all the case for me. Compared to some I may be privileged, but overall I would not consider myself to be a privileged white girl who gets everything that she wants. My parents have always taught me to work hard for everything. Nothing was ever just handed to me because I wanted it. I think there is this misconception that white people don’t have to work hard and this is why comments about me being such a white girl bother me. The color of your skin does not determine your personality or character qualities and I think that people need to see that.



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