“You’re white, stop saying you’re Hispanic”

Payton Galaviz,
Mesa, AZ

I grew up around my great-grandma who is Mexican and participated in quite a few of those cultural customs. I made tamales at Christmas, I was always listening to her speaking Spanish, trying to learn, and many other things. As I grew up I got involved in quite a few more, like, Dia De Los Muertos and I learned Spanish. I may not have full Mexican blood and I look white (blonde hair and green eyes and light but tan skin) but ethnically I related to Mexican culture. I was always told that I can’t be Mexican because of my skin color and I felt it wasn’t fair that I couldn’t say that just because my race was white. That is why those are my six words because I had that constantly repeated to me and as I got older it started to resonate and make me feel less than.


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