students-1000x667During the 2016- 2017 academic year students at Elon University will explore the underbelly of the American criminal justice system to raise questions that will encourage us to think more critically about fairness and justice in our society as it relates to race, civil rights, social activism, crime, equality, poverty, mental health and more.

DSC_0025(1)The Race Card Project, by Michele Norris, is proud to partner with Elon University to engage the campus community in deep and meaningful reflection related to race and identity.

We challenge you to JOIN the conversation by sharing your 6-word story and imagery. Here, you can find a candid dialogue about race and cultural identity and you can share your own observations, experiences, theories, opinions, triumphs, laments or anthems. 6-words is often just a start.

Read some of the stories behind the six-word essays below. There will also be multiple on-campus opportunities throughout the fall semester for Elon community members to share their stories with each other. This rich intellectual experience will encourage critical reflection about important issues in ways that invite us to consider how our individual actions and thoughts are valuable.

We hope you will submit your own 6-word story and invite your friends or family to be a part of the conversation. We are thrilled about this collaboration and hope this space will serve not only as a place to capture dialogue but also to fuel the conversation. Come back often.

The wall is ever changing. The inbox is always open.

Get busy.