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Our Hidden Conversations, by award-winning journalist Michele Norris, is a remarkable book. By letting Americans of every walk of life share their deepest, most personal—and sometimes contradictory—attitudes on race, it takes us past the usual polarizing debates and points us toward the possibility of greater understanding.”

Barack Obama –  January 26, 2024

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The brilliant Michele Norris has spent fourteen years getting people to open up about race — starting with six words. The result of her noble project is this beautiful and inspiring book. It can help us all cultivate communities of bridge builders so that we can talk about race with both candor and love.
—Walter Isaacson, New York Times bestselling author of The Code Breaker
A stunning book and a gift to our nation. Anchored by more than a decade of research and engagement with Americans across the country, Michele Norris takes us on a journey into the heart of this country’s painful, complex and unrelenting battle with the salience and significance of race in our lives.
—Sherrilyn Ifill, Howard Law School, and former President & Director-Counsel NAACP Legal Defense Fund
An important, compelling work. In an extremely unique way Michele captures private, poignant and instructive stories that are a guide to racial knowledge that can lead to the understanding and healing we so desperately need. Ultimately, she shows that we need not fear the issues we must all confront.
—Eric Holder, 82nd Attorney General of the United States and author of Our Unfinished March
When ordinary people, talk, extraordinary truths are revealed. Michele Norris has an extraordinary gift – she is able to coax people into revealing their profound beliefs about race. This book is a safe space where difficult conversations become healing exchanges.
—Tayari Jones, New York Times bestselling author of An American Marriage
Candid, unsettling and brilliant, the Race Card Project is a rare window into the enigma of race and the ways in which people make sense of it. Michele Norris has brought together a vista of personal truths that are as indelible as the issue they’re responding to.
—Jelani Cobb, Dean, Columbia Journalism School
Michele Norris is one of our most important chroniclers of American life. The stories captured in this book reveal the complexity, nuance, and dynamism of race in America. It is an indispensable resource for all of us.
—Clint Smith, Author of the New York Times bestselling author of How The Word is Passed.
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Peabody Award–winning journalist Michele Norris offers a transformative dialogue on race and identity in America, unearthed through her decade-long work at The Race Card Project.

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Endnotes forOur Hidden Conversations: What Americans Really Think About Race and Identity” can be found here. 

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