Join Michele on tour as she shares Our Hidden Conversations and exclusive stories from The Race Card Project, an interactive storytelling experience.

Interested in creating your own Race Card Project or hosting Michele Norris and the “Our Hidden Conversations” interactive experience?



University of Minnesota
Michele brought incredible warmth and deep connection through her storytelling, engagement and conversation. She was generous with her time and care of community questions and insights.
Wells Fargo Advisors
She was wonderful and her message was fantastic!
Fairfax County Government
Ms. Norris was a treat! She listened carefully and included many comments about other parts of the event. Her talk was intensely personal and universally accessible at the same time.
University of Iowa
Michele was every bit as wonderful, thoughtful, inspiring, and full of grace as we knew she would be. A superb event - everyone loved the opportunity to hear from her and have her sign their books! A+

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