Look like them, Sing like us

Geoffrey Wodell
Wheat Ridge, CO

Many years ago an African-American Country-Western singer, Charlie Pride, released a live album. After one of the cuts someone in the audience yelled out “Charlie, how can you look like them and sing like us?”. I have remembered that comment ever since and now, as a Norwegian-American Jew who sings spirituals with Sankofa, one of America’s leading Concert ensembles, it resonates even more. Music doesn’t know color. Music only knows what is in the heart. Music reflects the soul.

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2 Responses to "Look like them, Sing like us"
  1. M'Karyl Gaynor says:

    Yes Geofrrey…it is Motion Universally Sanctioned In Creation…MUSIC…oxoxox

  2. Krane says:

    I read that they often play classical music outside of stores to deter potential robbers.

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