You’re Italian? Are you considered white?

Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-6.42.56-AMRobert Amore,
West Hollywood, CA.

NYC Born, High School North Shore Long Island, University Evanston Ill., Manhattan Resident for 20 years. Moved to Los Angeles in 2005. To my shock not once but at least 6 times asked the above question. Why anyone would be asked this question is disgraceful. Observing Race discrimination and prejudice almost daily in Hollywood is extremely disappointing. Not since visiting Switzerland in 1985 and told to take the service entrance at my hotel or childhood prejudice anti-Italian sentiment on Long Island in the early 60’s have been experienced.

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3 Responses to "You’re Italian? Are you considered white?"
  1. Truth says:

    Thats like asking if Irish people are white. The Irish were discriminated against too, along with many eastern Europeans.

  2. 00000 says:

    My great grandmother was pure Sicilian. They considered themselves white. Thing is, I have a lot of other races in my genes, including English. Even if the Anglo blood was not there I’d still consider myself white because my ancestors did.

  3. Bob says:

    Italians are never and shall never be “white” to the degree of the Anglo-Germanic world or even the Slavic world. They are simply not possessed of the physiognomy of the established white subraces on account of the heavy admixture with Middle Easterners. So no, Italians are not white.

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