Greek American, cheeseburger cheeseburger not funny

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Portland, OR.

I am a second generation American born of Greek parents. My father’s birth certificate in Los Angeles California in 1921 listed his race as GREEK. His place of birth was listed as Stork NEST , meaning at home. I have never classified myself as WHITE. I have ethnic features and the biggest obvious difference a head of very curly hair. My grandparents neither read, wrote or spoke english. We ate stinky cheeses and odd meats based on what was considered the “average American cuisine”. I married a Chinese man second generation Californian to complicate the questions often asked of my own children which is WHERE were you born? Mostly shouted at them from some unaware individual. My children hate being told they look “exotic” which they interpret as a “Dont know what the heck you are statement”. As I hated being told I was white. I know I have faced no huge prejudices or injustices based on the color of my skin, but I can tell you, I never fit in as a child nor as an adult in the corporate world becuase simply put I didnt look like the “standard”


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