I’m afraid I’ll hurt your feelings

Eileen Morgan,
Durham, NC.

I’m part of the “dominant” race with privileges that I did not earn. I’ve been listening and learning about racism a long time, but many times I still “goof up” and say stupid things that hurt the feelings of people of color. I’m really tired of this separation and am willing to continue to be with people and listen and learn. The world is too small and there is so much that we can learn from each other. So let’s all be brave and start telling each other our life stories. I felt encouraged by tonight’s program. I especially need to hear how people across the country are making changes. We can’t ignore the evil of racism among us, but we can’t move forward without visions of hope. Thank you to everyone who took a chance to share their thoughts and dreams on this important PBS program.

What is your 6-Word Story?
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