Let Me Guess, They Were Black?

12003000_10207564252327078_4570959036439152901_nTaylor Jackson,
Tuscaloosa, AL.

The race card might come off as confusing since I am a white man and my race card has a different race in it, but I hear that phrase all the time these days and that is really sad that this generation has come to this when bad things happen around the country. I bring this up, because people of other races seem to think that just because I’m a white man, I will always have it better in life than most and I won’t face as many struggles as they will growing up. It’s not only sad but disappointing that this is attitude they have because of past actions that have happen lately.

This past weekend, a video surfaced around the country about 3 students getting tazed and beat by several police officers due to a noise complaint. If you have seen any of the 4 videos, you cant disagree with me when I say that the screams from the girl and the overall videos are just hard to watch and leave a bad taste in your mouth. I’m not bringing up this video to talk about the attack, but because I could not tell you how many times in comment sections on social media or people in person say, “At least they we not black” Black, white, blue, purple, I don’t care, we should not be in a state of mind where if some kind of police brutality happens, we need to be thankful the victims were not black so it doesn’t come across as racism for those people in the community. It’s just sad to see and hear and this needs to be an issue we should all put a little bit more focus on and try to fix the problem.


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