Only White Countries Must Embrace Diversity

Cincinnati, OH

“anti-racists” are not pushing diversity on to Black countries
“anti-racists” are not pushing diversity on to Asian countries
“anti-racists” are not pushing diversity on to Arab countries

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6 Responses to "Only White Countries Must Embrace Diversity"
  1. drattastic says:

    The real inconvenient truth.

  2. Massif1 says:

    Why don’t American blacks and immigrate to Africa? Why do Africans risk their lives to get to Europe?

  3. heisenberg2011 says:

    This one sums up the program of White genocide perfectly.

    The program works like this:

    1) Immigrants from the “developing world” are flooded into the West.

    2) These immigrants and any national minorities are then forced integrated with the White populations, communities, and institutions. This is made law by removing freedom of association, creating affirmative action and requiring racial quotas. Whites who wish to move from these dangerous, integrated communities are forced to live in expensive suburban or exurban areas (which will be forced integrated over time anyway) which makes having large families difficult. Anyone who objects to this is denied economic opportunities, status, and in some cases freedom itself.

    3) An information campaign is implemented which demonizes Western culture and history. The old myths that helped form the identities of the West are replaced with new mythologies that make Whites into enemies of humanity and non-whites (like MLK) as morally superior heroes. People who oppose mass immigration and forced integration are portrayed as mentally ill, evil, and lacking positive human qualities. Miscegenation is encouraged and glorified. The people of the West are constantly reminded of the inevitable brown future and that anything short of celebrating this makes you a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    This program leads to the end of the White-European people.

    • olblue9 says:

      Gee that sounds “mentally ill, evil, and lacking positive human qualities.” That’s about right. Good reply, why don’t you tell us how you really feel.

      • Ger says:

        Don’t be rude,just respond with facts ,and why you feel Heisenberg is evil for caring about his own peoples,and why you object to any white country’s remaining white?

        • olblue9 says:

          Heis’s reply is in some ways spot on, in a Mad Max/ Post apocalyptic sort of way…my response was qouted from his statement “People who oppose mass immigration and forced integration are portrayed as mentally ill, evil, lacking human qualities.”
          The media does portray any pro-white statement as racist and pro-minority statement as sweet. The pro-white should just take a page out of the sweet guys playbook. Any person can praise his own color tone without criticizing the other colors by using the correct wording.
          I don’t follow Heis, so I can’t say that he is evil. Nor do I object to him remaining white.
          The number one reason for immigration and other policy’s is “green” only in color. The wealthy politicians flood the market with cheap labor. ( the only color they see is green!). By allowing their job pools to be crowded with cheap labor, the wages stay low, everybody’s willing to work cheap and not rock the boat, etc..
          Meanwhile, the media focus on race, terrorism, Taylor’s tweets, etc… This keeps the poor multi race job pool from getting a clue and joining together to fight for better living wages for ALL people. With this, all of the racial problems seem small. Divide and conquer, united we stand/ divided we fall?
          So you see, to me it is less black/white and all about the green.

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