Why can’t I like this too?

CutieAbigail Finn Singer,
New York City, NY.

Being white, I feel uncultured. There is nothing special about where I’m from. My great-grandparents were immigrants, from a place they weren’t really from. They came from Poland, but don’t qualify as Polish. I have nothing behind me. Not a custom, not a community. I feel like I’m almost automatically being racist if I say something about race because I’m white, and even though I am constantly stereotyped and prejudiced by people, it doesn’t count as racism because I am white, which is “highest” in terms of race. I also love Haiti; and Haitian music, and head wraps, and certain clothes! But whenever I associate myself with any of that, I’m being racist because I’m white. I never try to be racist. I just try to enjoy myself. But it doesn’t matter, I’m just like the rest of white people; scum.


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