Dont judge, until you know me.

IMG_5989Sheila Khakpour,
Jacksonville, FL.

Now a days everyone is so quick to judge each other. It simply just takes one look. It can be based on your skin color, how you look, or even your name. People are so quick on judging other individuals, no one actually tries to get to know each other anymore. Some of my best friends don’t look anything like me, nor were raised in the same place. I come from a multicultural background but, that shouldn’t allow another individual to think they know who i am before actually speaking to me. I have learned in my life some of the best people in my life, i would have never met if i hadn’t branched out. It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, it can actually open many more doors for you.
I’ve always loved the quote,”Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, that’s because not only does it apply to my six words, but also today’s society. People fall into too many stereotypes and get lost in it. Social media and the entertainment world has brainwashed so many of us, without any of us realizing it. It’s important to remember we are all human and not to be so quick to judge someone just because they seem different. Being unique is one of the most important qualities any individual could have, therefore we shouldn’t have to hide from what makes us who we are.


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