Be Humble, Give back, Don’t judge.

IMG_0698Mariah Frisk,
Morris, MN.

Being from a small town in northern Minnesota, I haven’t been exposed to much culture in my day. My sophomore year of high school, I took a trip to New Orleans with my church for the 2012 National Youth Gathering. We were there to help the community recover from Hurricane Katrina. It was here that my horizons were expanded and I really learned what it meant to give back. I heard countless stories about the struggles people had gone through, whether it was from Hurricane Katrina, or just in life. I learned that you can’t judge someone based on their appearance. It taught me to be humble and appreciate what I have, and the life I’ve led so far. Everyone comes from different places and is going through something that you may not understand. It’s important for everyone to be treated equally and given the same chance in life.


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