I am scared for my children

Wylie, TX.

I live in a society that I am afraid of the world that my kids will have to be adults in. We are going backwards instead of forwards. We are losing our view of everyone is the same, no matter how different we might look. I am having to have HARD conversations with a 9 and 11 year old that I never thought I would. We were past that, we had grown we had loved our brothers and sisters, yet today I sit scared. The community I was seeing as I became an adult is a distant memory, just like cassette tapes , writing notes in class and playing kick in the can in the neighborhood. We are desensitized to the hate, to the violent to the out right evil in our world. We walk by as tragedy happens and we don’t blink, we don’t do a trouble take and we sure as heck don’t stop to help. We are blind to the pain in our communities, we are only look out for ourselves and not for our neighbors. I don’t want this for my children. I am teaching them manors because there are still good people out there, I am teaching to be aware but to not prejudge people, to love FIRST not HATE. To be kind. If we as adults are losing this I am scared of what our children will have.


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