I don’t know what I am.

Alexis Bing,

Growing up, people would ask me “what are you mixed with?” They would call me “mixed girl” or “light bright.” I’ve even heard the term “glowworm.” When I was younger, I didn’t know what these terms and phrases meant. What do you mean what am I mixed with? I’m black, like my family. But, I’m clearly not. I am different from my family. I’m the light skinned cousin; I’ve even heard I’m the white cousin. But, I’m just like them, so I thought.
I don’t know what I am, and neither does anyone else. But, why do they need to know? What I am mixed with has nothing to do with who I am and how I act. What am I? I am a person, just like the rest and that’s all you need to know.


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