Light, bright and damn near white.

390485_992508432984_1623768152_n-2Audrianna Galvin,
San Francisco, CA.

Half black, half white female

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9 Responses to "Light, bright and damn near white."
  1. Kimberly Caraballo says:

    My personal reaction is that Audrianna seems happy about the way she looks. She is bi racial but is beautiful! In class we learned about being Bi-racial and how those who are have to place themselves in a category of race, when they are more than one thing. So I wonder what you consider your race. In conclusion I would like to say that your “race” is interesting considering its more than one race,

    • barry irving says:

      Today Race is more ambiguous. When the race terms were made, it was by archaic anthropologists. mixed race means just that…Mixed race / ancestry / genes. To be happy who you are as mixed would be expression wise, something like, Despite how people see my mix I am happy with who I am. She constructed a picture with photo and words that is narcisssitic at best.

  2. victorbradley says:

    I think this poster just wanted to share with a few more people how happy she is to be racially ambiguous, discussing how light skinned you are doesn’t pass muster as a cogent discussion of race, merely a staging ground for colorist self-congratulation. Plus, I’m not sure the picture was necessary. The whole thing is rather vapid.

    • Audrianna Galvin says:

      I wouldn’t say I’m happy or sad to be of mixed race or “racially ambiguous.” Placing a definitive emotion on how I feel about my “race” would be oversimplifying a very complex existence for people of all colors and nationalities. My statement was meant to express what my family has heard for generations from both blacks and whites, even though we have been born in all shades, dark to light; in some generations, my relatives were light but not mixed as I am. The picture is there to represent the physical appearance that I am seen and judged by, which is how most racial discussions start: based on appearance.

      • victorbradley says:

        If I jumped the gun I apologize. As a person with your apparently nuanced understanding of American race relations surely knows, excessive valuation of non-Black features and ancestry is an endemic problem in the Black community. Therefore, your statement and picture, absent the context which you then provided, seemed self-congratulatory, and as I said, vapid.

      • barry irving says:

        …What’s the point of quoting the ignorance of color judgement if it is an issue? Your picture and comment imply a bit(?) of narcissism!

    • barry irving says:

      …SHO U RIGHT!

  3. barry irving says:

    …um, you really are quite Tan…near White is “MUCH” lighter and paler that you!

    …questionable comment, why not just scream White Pride?…BTW, you you even know what White is?

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