Love. Race shouldn’t matter. Hope

Daryl Dar’rell Brown,
Asheville, N.C

Understanding is important. Health comes before hate. Also in some instances race. People will learn what life is actually about. I transferred to a predominantly White high school and most of my peers accepted me. People shouldn’t disturb the peace over race. People have to eat. Respect is important also. People can have mixed relationships as far as spouses. People in this Georgia and North Carolina are allowed to date without anyone telling us who we can and can’t date. The police don’t bother unless I give them a reason. A lot of people are homeless. Religion is just a book. My dads from Georgia and my moms from North Carolina. People will learn. Everyone can learn from life. A lot of people are hated sometimes and it’s not because of their race. The individual has things going on with themselves. Being Black is fine. I graduated high school and went to college.


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