Mom said I never saw color.

Baltimore collageCorrine Ferrell-Macatee,
Baltimore, MD.

Me, bad bangs, my best friend, little girl with braids, my cousin, cute little Japanese girl. My nana and sister are here too, it wasn’t til I was in my early teens I even realized we weren’t all white, black or Japanese.

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4 Responses to "Mom said I never saw color."
  1. Nicole Evans says:

    Be proud that your mother treats everyone the same. Racism is an ongoing issue that tears people apart and it’s women like your mother who make the difference.

  2. Char says:

    We all see color. To say that you don’t is being dishonest. What you do is see more than color. You see your friend, their laugh, really bad jokes, etc. You celebrate all that they are and all that you are.
    We know we are all different and that is a wonderful thing. You can go over to their house for dinner and they can come over to yours. You have someone that maybe thinks differently from you. Believe me when I say that this will benefit you in more ways than I can count. They help you learn to be a better listener, and a better speaker. Looking at issues from several perspective will be an asset that will take you far in life. I promise.

    • Corrine Ferrell says:

      That’s actually really hard to say when you don’t know a person at all. You can base your views on who you are, and your experiences but until you walk in my shoes you have no idea what I see or how I saw.

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