Octoroon. Daughter of traders and traitors.

298208_10150344833124533_933781963_n-1Allison M,
Philadelphia, PA.

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7 Responses to "Octoroon. Daughter of traders and traitors."
  1. barry irving says:

    …should we try to imagine your story, or will you relate it?

    • Jeremiah Troutman says:

      The title is implying that she didn’t conform to racial pride and “betrayed her race” her being a daughter of a bi-racial couple (who historically have bad blood with each other). Personally I find these terms silly since the only race should be human.

      • barry irving says:

        …not very observant are you?…She’s part Asian…that’s not Octoroon. Octoroon is a Slave term for being 1/8th African and 7/8ths European. She’s simply mixed race or the Three or more (HYPHENATED) races THAT IS HER MAKEUP . Daughter of Traders and Traitors refers to her parents…not her choices.

        …personally I think that people who assume that we can all be just human are ignorant. Humans are a type of being on the Planet. What distinquishes us as creations of the Invisible Almighty is our Race, CONSCIOUSNESS AND SOUL. Nature is all about variation…nothing to run from on that point..it’s reality.

        • Jeremiah Troutman says:

          Thank you for clearing up that first part. I have to disagree with your “race is a part of our identity explanation” it is if we allow it to be. Something that distinguish people more than some aesthetics are cultures environment or other ways of life. Race is indeed a social construct it’s been proven that we really are one in the same underneath the skin. You mentioned god in your reply and later mentioned the words “reality” and “Ignorance” I find that hypocritical more than anything. The level of conscious one comes to depends on exposure, and souls are inhabited by the soulless. = What I mean by this is humans have shown there lack of humanity all through out history. violent lustful emotional etc. People like to say our ability not to conform to these things separates us from the mold. When in fact the those sins are a part of human Nature just my personal thoughts on the subject.

          • barry irving says:

            …you have an altruistic view of life…that’s legal, but it is ideal…not reality. Race is there for a reason and mentality extends from there. People need to raise their consciousness indeed, but you can’t eliminate the very thing that distinquishes human beings.

            …Race title and insinuation is the construct, not Race itself…we didn’t create Racial division biologically…that’s nature.

            …White, Black…those are the constructs. They change with history and are never stationary. In the early 1900’s you had to be Anglo Saxon Protestant to be White, now tan is the new White. Black came about as a counter to White during the 60’s Civil Rights struggle. before that Black was a general term for African People without the specific Racial negativity.

            …The Human Race is just a term for the general advanced Human type, minus the social political implications.

          • barry irving says:

            …Race is actually the only natural identifier. I really don’t see how you could term Race as a construct.

            …the most complex Social/ Racial/ political construct is the idea that there is a White Race. The so called White race is a mix of naturally White people and a slew of mixed races with more or less European blood as well as all those of any claimed nationality who pass for White. The construct is designed to keep population advantage as status quo historically as well as to promote the notion of Superiority by implication…for example!

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