“She’s so pretty for being Black”

mo-and-ryanMorgan Cooper,
Stockton, CA.

In 2007, when my ex husband and I were expecting our baby girl, we jokingly called her “Blackanese”, a term I still use endearingly. Most simply put, I am half Black and half White and my ex husband is half Japanese and half White. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to welcome a towhead with blue/green eyes into this world. Ryan is amazing on many levels.

My six words are a direct quote from a Hispanic woman I met 4 years ago, yet it’s been paraphrased a few times since then. I was so shocked and at a loss for words, I simply walked away. I have since (with the help and input of friends/family) developed a response that goes something like this, “I know you think you were giving her a compliment, but your words are very racist…I’m going to let you think about that now” as I again, walk away.

Often times, people have a hard time believing that Ryan is my daughter and even more of a difficult time processing that, “No, her dad is not White with blonde hair”.

In all fairness, I get it, her features are unexpected and eye catching. Even I have found myself questioning Mother Nature at times. I’ll even admit that I sometimes like the shock value we get from curious strangers, but ultimately, I love that Ryan defies what most people think of when they hear the term “mixed race”, she definitely adds some spice to the already colorful conversation.

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One Response to "“She’s so pretty for being Black”"
  1. barry irving says:

    …mixed Race is more accurate…Black???don’t think so. Not for racist or ignorant reasons. Both Black and White are false Race terms..they are ambiguous, anti national and do not distinguish between “nationality” – country… “ethnicity” – Racial Mix and culture…and Race…predominant ethnicity, face and body type!

    …Genetic don’t lie…that’s why any Racial mix can appear singly in any generation!

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