Smart black kid plays tennis alone.

20Raheem Cash,
Alexandria, VA.

As a kid I spent a lot of time being one of two or three black kids in honors classes. Spent a lot of time being only black kid that played tennis. Spent a lot of time not being considered “black enough”. Well I’m not a kid anymore and fortunately I managed thrive in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic world.

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2 Responses to "Smart black kid plays tennis alone."
  1. Suraska says:

    Blacks keep other Blacks down.I was also the ostracized smart Black kid. My mother’s family hated me though would not say it plainly instead calling me a snob and constantly criticizing her. I fled the south immediately after high school when I received a full ride to a university to ND and plan to NEVER return. I have been asked why I chose a place with nearly no Blacks and always stop just short of saying, “Blacks have given me nothing but headache and stress. I can most definitely live WITHOUT them!” Instead I say I saw no future for myself there where having babies young,dropping out of high school,and taking up with one worthless thug after another is perfectly acceptable for a Black woman. I graduated high school with honors,don’t want children,and have never even had a boyfriend so there was no place for me there. Since I made it clear I wasn’t returning for any reason my mother soon joined me in ND and has done so much better here leading to even harsher criticisms from her so called family. They have since been cut off. A successful Black puts to shame all those whiners and is therefore hated.

    • barry irving says:

      ..shame you can’t just be White with that attitude. You can’t malign the whole race speaking as generally and sweeping as you do because you came up in a bad environment. now it’s they and them?…you’re lost!

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