I’m tired of Black Lives Matter (BLM)!

Chris Rochambeau,
Seattle, WA

I am ethnically “mixed”, (born in New Orleans – Spanish Creole, Cajun French and Choctaw ), but appear Anglo. I am, also, an ER RN. And, I am tired, sooooo very tired of all the BLM “protests”, (uncouth, unhygienic, rioters tearing up a county that is already struggling ), smack in the middle of this horrible pandemic! *MOST OF YOU ARE NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING, AND MANY OF YOU ARE NOT WEARING MASKS! ( When you do this, you make “work” for me and my kind! And WE ARE ALL BURNED THE HELL OUT!!! ) Do you, ( “protesters”), think you are special? Do you think the virus won’t get you? I can assure you – it can and it will!

We have ALL, ( regardless of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, cultural affiliation… ), have had hard lives, and been mistreated by others. GROW THE HELL UP and stop all this pathetic, whiny, victim-worship! You all better be concerned about this virus, that is about to eat us all alive! Be concerned about the environment, the economy, the sorry state of schools, the eviction crisis, the millions of Americans struggling on unemployment – just trying to make ends meet. Do you want to ‘get behind” something? Get behind that! Those issues affect us all.

Racism IS an important issue, but it is nothing compared to what is going on in the world right now. ( Worrying about racism in the middle of a global pandemic is analogous to a hunchback being upset about a pimple on the end of his nose! ) Get your priorities straight. If you self-serving idiots don’t wise-up, and stop wasting resources there won’t be enough to go around when it really matters! YOUR “RACE CARD” HAS BEEN CANCELED; TRY BACK LATER WITH YOUR “VICTIM CARD”. You want to beat this virus, and support front line workers? Then, do the right thing – mask-up, clean-up, keep your distance and stop all these asinine “protests”.


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