I am black and a target

IMG_9248Chris Porter,
Seattle, WA.

It is hard for me to think about living in a country where my life seems to have little value. It is hard to think about living in a country that is the envy of so many around the world and yet I am not part of that envy. It is hard to live in the country of my north where my death is assured to be violent. I am a target.

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  1. Gregory Bennett says:

    While no one is assured of a violent death, everyone dies. The most important question facing you is how you will spend eternity.

    If, God forbid, something does happen to you, there is a 90% chance it will be at the hands of another black man. 90%! Consider what you can do to be an example, and a leader, to your children, and/or those around you.

    Life is hard. Life is not safe. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, for anyone.

    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”
    ~ John 3:16,17

    • barry irving says:

      …there is also a huge chance that it will be at the hands of a Police officer.
      …BTW if “you” are violently compromised, the overwhelming chance is that is will be at the hands of aother White man. That’s fact.

      • Gregory Bennett says:

        There is simply not a “huge” chance of being killed by police. You lie.

        • barry irving says:

          …don’t play twisty…the Police comment is my opinion…What I said was “fact” is that if “you” are violently compromised it will be at the hands of another White man…that’s fact as I stated. If you don’t believe it ask the DOJ…I got that from an article that they posted on Yahoo addressing the exaggerated myth of African American on White violence…and that why I separated the two comments with BTW…

          • Gregory Bennett says:

            You are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, expressing an opinion which is demonstrably false, as you have done with regard to police violence, is difficult to characterize as anything but a lie. Indeed, one might suspect it is you who is playing “twisty.”

          • barry irving says:

            …you reversed the emphasis of my comment to make it seem how you wanted to see it!… even though it was clearly stated and separated as two separate points.

            …neither of my comments is false. In my world I see the threat of Police violence because I am an African American man and my advanced degree doesn’t change the ingrained perceptions of White people or White POLICE…SO IN ACTUALITY THE PERCEPTION THAT I HAVE IS TRUE. iT MAY NOE BE AS TRUE IN ‘SOME’ AREAS OF THE COUNTRY, WHERE aFRICAN AMERICANS DO NOT LIVE IN GREAT NUMBERS, BUT WHERE THEY DO LIVE…THE POSSIBILITY IS REAL AND THAT’S HUGE, BECAUSE WE HAVE TO CROSS BORDERS WHERE WE ARE NOT WANTED AND WE DO THAT!


            …we have to fight every day for our Citizen rights so those lives are evidence that we live in an unjust society. Italians have a derogatory historical image due to thew very real threat of the Mafia. You didn’t see Police taking out Italian boys wholesale because of the huge impact on society that the Mafia had.

          • Gregory Bennett says:

            There are real statistics available on what causes actual deaths in the United States. “Huge” is quantifiable.

            I appreciate that blacks may fear being arrested, harassed, or questioned, watched, etc, disproportionately. I do not believe that there is any widespread occurrence of “lives ended without due process.”

          • barry irving says:

            …huge is quantifiable to you…you don’t face what I face…understand that…you opinion here is irrelevant.

            …you should appreciate that I am not “A Black” or ‘Blacks”…I am African diaspora…second generation African / Caribbean / American…that is the official and proper designation of our people. I don’t fault my brothers and sisters for using the common Slang term Black…you and your perspective are however -“QUITE A DIFFERENT STORY.”

            …Your use of the term is crass and insensitive. EVERY African American man is harassed in some way or worse, because of White bigotry. Including the President the Attorney General and professor Louis Gates to name three. Their experiences are just as valid as any other man who faces this ignorance and judgement.

            …I am a career educator and I have taught in the suburbs and rural areas where poor White kids have it almost as bad. Theirs is about class, but it is ignorance just the same. in those schools even the teachers who handle the bad kids are obvious underachievers…that’s a system. It’s not coincidental!

            ….The so called “HOOD” is not necessarily a Bad place. I grew up in the So.Bronx, N.Y. the culture there is different, from so called main stream culture. There the poorest and most underprivileged people live among those who prefer to live among their own Race. It is society and institutional ignorance that lumps them all as one “problem” group. I am successful and I love it there…it my neighborhood. my father lived there and died there… a six year Navy vet who was nearly illiterate and worked up to three jobs weekly. Your perspective calls any place where there is a predominance of African American and Hispanic peole bad neighborhoods. Many people from my youth have it a lot better than you and many other White people.

            …you say that Police are not the problem?..you reveal your shallow and limited thinking…you can’t call a city where the Mafia ruled and Police and political corruption are and have always been rampant “not a problem”. The police are pent up, frustrated collectors of our tax money. They work for us and they think that their right to shoot to kill or injure through brutal police tactics trumps solid Police work that honors the Constitutional right to a fair trial…that’s a corruption of due process and it is Constitutionally wrong.

            …The movement against Police id not all an African American thing. Protestors are of every nationality and this trend of brutality is seen as a miscarriage of justice. Police are going to HAVE TO change their ways and stop acting out of fear and ignorance. NYC Police are already under a judges order and review about their very unsuccessful profiling tactics against only African Americans and Hispanics.

            …If they started profiling Whites outside og NYC in the affluent suburbs, they would be intercepting a good deal of the drugs and guns that are channeled through those areas. Police have built up the erroneous and malignant view that it all happens in the Hood. Last time I checked there were no meth labs, Poppy fields or Gun Factories in the Hood.

            …African Americans are 13.65…Whites are 50%+. There are more single mothers, abortions, 38.9% of the welfare recipients – 39.9% African American…abortions, divorces, single parent house holds, etc, etc, etc in the White community that any other!

          • Gregory Bennett says:

            Wow! You kinda went on a rant there. Take a deep breath.

            “Black” is, in fact, an acceptable term, commonly used.

            The 10 leading causes account for 75% of over 2 million deaths in the US annually. These include accidents, Influenza, and suicide. Have you had a flu shot?

          • barry irving says:

            …you are just another of the dumb White Masses…as I said I’m African American…do you have a brain?

            …one thing I detest is when you creative bigots invent your own personal scenario and worse, you think that you have the authority to define or determine what is none of your business. Try speaking to a valid point… oh, that’s right, that would require you to actually face your shydt.

            …You wouldn’t want to do that huh Bubba? Easier to call it a Rant…that’s cool…I know you get my point. The weak ones always crumble when the heat is on or when they might actually have to use substance other than wild guesses, lies, hearsay or straight bull shydt.

            …Stick to White…that’s your lane…sheesh, what a dip!

          • Gregory Bennett says:

            You have a choice. You don’t have to cling to your anger, or hide behind irrational fear. You don’t have to blame others. You can let go of your bigotry. Walk away from it. Treat people like individuals.

            Now is the perfect time. Make a fresh start!

  2. barry irving says:

    …it’s a legitimate comment, but not true. African Americans die peacefully every day…my parents both did!

  3. barry irving says:

    …but is it Racism or knowledge of history?

  4. Stacy Lucking says:

    Why not move where you blend in better? Where people who look like you are the everyday?
    I don’t like living where I stick out and where I’m not welcome. Damn rights. I like comfort.

  5. Diana Diaz says:

    This guy served in the armed forces, he’s handsome and has an amazing smile. And many people think being good looking makes things easier. Maybe a little.

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