I carry hope through young musicians

Image-3Virginia Jones,
Danville, VA.

I’m a 54 year old white lady living back in the south after 15 years away from home. Its not the same everywhere. I’ve been an RN in central Phoenix, a wife of a Vietnam Veteran who was terribly discriminated by his own country and I’m a mother of a blonde haired blue eyed 28 year old female musician thats lived a little LA and now lives in Brooklyn. Her house reflects very determined strong women and men of all shapes, colors, backgrounds and musical interests; they intertwine theirs hearts, their talents and their respect for each other and their races. I am proudly all of their mothers at times and I love them all with all the protection and realness I can give them. America do the same for your young people! Listen … and they can now teach us something … about freedom. Listen to the music they are making together and feel the times turn. Believe in our kids!


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