My children won’t rob you

Oklahoma City, OK.

I never knew that becoming a mom would be different based on race. I was raised on military bases, everyone got along. I knew that people could be racist but I never really experienced it. I was . . . naive. Then I married my husband, at a young age, then we had kids. I realized quickly that a good amount of people assumed I was a single mom or teen mom, when the truth is I valued my body enough that I saved myself for my husband. As my kids grew and we decided to have a larger family, I would be asked random questions like “Do they have the same father?”. But the worst was listening to my 8 year old daughter ask me why a little boy at church called her a mudface. Or when she became a teenager and was told by another teen that a certain boy wouldn’t think she was pretty because she’s black. Or how about the fact that I have to tell my boys not to wear hoodies in public, because someone may think they look suspicious. When truly they are just cold. I don’t mind raising my children to be respectful people and productive members of society, that has always been my goal. I mind that I have to worry if someone will shoot my honor student because they “fit the profile”.


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