Exotic for a black girl

Photo-on-11-13-14-at-12.54-PMJasmin Fortune,
Temecula, CA.

I am a multiracial girl who has bullied for the way I looked from K-12. I have been hated because girls thought their boyfriends liked me. I would be threatened to get jumped because they thought I thought of myself as better than them. Black girls never liked me because I was lightskin with long hair and when I cut my hair, they still disliked me because my hair was curly. I had more white friends than black or hispanic because they accepted me not based on my looks, but on common interest. I only accepted because people think I am exotic. I have been told all my life that I look Brazilian or I am so pretty for a black girl. I wish people didn’t care so much about race. I wished people cared more about the inside of someone’s heart than if someone is black or not. We are more than our skin color and texture of our hair.


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