Less fighting, more talking about it!

I have not experienced racism. It’s as flat as that. My whole family are nice people and I have not been exposed to racism. However, I do know quite a bit about it. From the history of how racism came to be to the people who changed it for better and worse. My ethnicity is German because I was born in America and my family has lived here their whole lives too. A long time ago my ancestors came from Prussia, Germany. I enjoy studying other cultures and they are all fascinating. I love to travel and go to new places like Mexico, to learn the language, surf, and simply be immersed in their culture. I used to think that each person can be put into a category and can be defined as a person by where they come from. In reality that is not true and who you REALLY are is defined by what you are in the inside.

Race Is Not Real!

“Race is not a biological trait” says Michael Yudell, co-author of the Huffington Post and associate professor and chair of community health and prevention. It is in fact just a social construct created by people to separate others. If you look at just a person’s DNA you will not see anything that determines their race. This is because we are all the same species, (Homosapiens), and we all have slight differences that makes ourselves unique because of where we live and our choices. And in fact, we are NOT completely different people. This is because the differences we have are less than 6% and that is determined by the places we live in because of the conditions there. And also, our own choices, for example, how you choose to work out that one day and now you have more muscle and less fat. The fact is people should not be defined by ‘race,’ and instead by who they are as a person. So, why is this important you ask? Well, because race is social construct that society has built and puts people into categories and in turn this sprouts racism, and leads to a decline in our society. Don’t YOU think that’s important?


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